Research Group Equity and Inclusion in Education


Mónica Porto Currás
Profesora Contratado Doctor


    She has been teaching at the Faculty of Education of the University of Murcia since 2004. At the beginning of her career in subjects of the degrees of Teaching and in the Master of Pedagogy from the Department of Didactics and School Organization. Nowadays she is teaching in subjects from the Primary educational Teacher's Degree and from the Master in secondary teacher training, Profesional formation, Language schools, and Artistic Education.

    All these subjects are related with the following topics:

  •  General Didactics.
  •  Planning of the Educational Action.
  •  Curriculum, education and school center.
  •   School Practices.

Otherwise, in the area of the formation and the professional development of both university and not university teaching, it is necessary to mention her teaching experience in the following subjects taught in different intensive courses and seminaries:

  • Evaluation of students and learnings.
  •  Introduction about basic competences in the Didactic Programming.
  •  Development of personal competences for the efficient exercise.

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