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El Grupo de Investigación de Tecnología Educativa de la Universidad de Murcia, The Educational Technology Research Group from the University of Murcia (Spain), is a work and research group of educationalists, located in Murcia and specializing in educational technologies and their implementation on different learning processes.

From this point of view, our research interest includes, but is not restricted to, the following topics:

media and learning
Technology Enhanced Learning
Personal Learning Environments
Formal, Non formal and Informal Learning usign ICT tools
Web 2.0 for learning
ICT influence on social development
Design and assessment of media and learning resources
Educational Media Design and educational methodologies for e-learning and blended-learning
Educational Assessment and evaluation of educational programs
E-learning Assessment: Learning Management Systems (SAKAI, Web CT, Moodle, Claroline…), learning tools, and teaching models on-line.

Currently we are working on research projects centred on:

Models and strategies for Professional and Academic on-line assessment for University students.
Implementation of Learning Objects at Schools
Collaboration and Learning Interchange with videoconferencing tools
Teenagers usign ICT
Teacher's and Learners' basic ICT skills for learning

ICT Tools and Multiculturality


Universidad de Murcia
Facultad de Educación
Campus Universitario de Espinardo. 30100 Murcia

Tel: +34968364032 +34 968364063 * Fax: +34968364146

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