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Examples 2 D
  1. Plotting parametric curves
  2. Variational formulation in polar coordinates
  3. Generating non uniform mesh on the boundary
  4. Stokes problem with matrices and other techniques; testing cpu time
  5. Stokes problem enriched to avoid the mean cero restriction on the pressure
  6. Stokes problem with Brezzi-Pitkaranta stabilization technique
  7. Examples proposed by G. Sadaka
    1. Poisson Problem
    2. Heat equation
    3. Wave equation
    4. Nonlinear elliptic equation
    5. Nonlinear Schrodinger equation
  8. Periodic Boundary Conditions
  9. Curved Periodic Boundary Conditions
  10. Bingham fluids with FreeFem++ Bingham [proposed by A. Roustaei]
  11. BDF(k) (k=1,2,3) applied to the Heat Equation BDF1, BDF2, BDF3
  12. Crank-Nicolson applied to the Heat Equation CN
  13. Mesh adaptation to capture a very sharp function
  14. Poisson problem with P1nc finite elements
  15. Poisson problem on a twisted mesh
  16. Use of Raviart-Thomas finite elements
  17. Use of array of finite element functions
  18. Computing the bilaplacian
  19. Testing Poisson problem on the L-shape domain with mesh adaptation
  20. Use of medit to get info from basis functions
  21. How to construct a user defined function
  22. Solving Laplacian with matrices and vectors
  23. Use of parareal
  24. Richard problem
  25. Simulation of wafer heating by a laser
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