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Model initialization

While the variables that are created can be initialized with a constant value or a simple expression in the initial value field, in some cases a more complex initialization is needed, for instance if you need to do some preliminary calculations. The initialization panel is for coding these calculations. The lower Comment field is used to add a short description about the page that can be useful for future readers.


A sample page of Initialization code to set the initial value of a double array.


More than one subpanel can be created, these subpanels are executed from left to right. A context menu for reordering the subpanels is opened by right-clicking on a tab.


The context menu for creating new pages or reordering the existing ones.


A second context menu appears when you right click in the editing area itself. This menu offers, beside editing options, three options that assist in writing code. The option Format code facilitates verification of the code. The Open code Wizard option gives the structures for loops and conditionals. The third option, Custom and predefined methods, offers a list of predefined EJS methods and of the methods that have been created in the Custom panel.


The context menu of the edition area assist in writing and formatting code.


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Page last modified on April 29, 2009, at 12:11 AM