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Html View Elements Panel

A panel is a basic container element which can host other elements.



  • By default, a panel places all children side by side and centered on the screen (as text in a center-aligned paragraph). This setting can be changed using the CSS properties of the panel and/or its children.
  • The single exception to this rule are panel. A child panel added to a parent panel will be displayed in a new line.



Name Description Values accepted Default
BorderColor The color for the border. Use the editor provided or input a String with any valid CSS color.
BorderStyle The style for the border to display. A string constant or variable with any valid border style. No border
BorderWidth The width of the border. An integer gives the same width for all sides. A string can provide up to four values, one per side, as in “thin medium thic 10px”.
BoxShadow The shadow to attach to the element. A string constant or variable with any valid shadow. No shadow


The element also inherits properties from its parent.

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Page last modified on May 27, 2013, at 11:35 AM