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Lorentz force

This program simulates the force exerted by a magnetic field between two magnets on an electrical current trough a wire.
The wire is suspended on a spring and will oscillate when the battery (which is connected to the ends of the wire) is turned on and off, the angle of the wire with respect to the magnetic field is changed, or the poles of the magnets are switched.


Click to start the applet

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Applet ‘Lorentz force’.


Download the self-executable JAR file or a ZIP file with the XML source code for this example. To inspect and run the example, you will need to have EJS installed in your computer (see Installation), uncompress the downloaded ZIP file anywhere in the source directory of your EJS workspace and load it with EJS.


there is a remixed customized version here by lookang
Ejs Open Source Lorentz force on a current carrying wire java applet()

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