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Compound elements

A compound element is not actually a new view element, but a collection of other view elements properly assembled to produce a ready-to-use set.


The compound elements included in the standard Ejs distribution are:


  • DrawingFrame. This compound element contains a a two-dimensional Drawing panel on its center and a simple control Panel on its bottom. The drawing panel contains a generic Shape drawable which you can link to your model variables. The control panel includes a Play/PauseTwoStateButton, a Reset Button, and a (non-assigned) numeric Field to which a model variable of type double can be linked.


  • DrawingFrame3D. This compound element is a three-dimensional version of DrawingFrame above. The panel at the center is a DrawingPanel3D and the particle in it a Particle3D.


  • PlottingFrame. This compound element is very similar to DrawingFrame above, but the center panel is aPlottingPanel (i.e. a drawing panel with axes).


A user can create his/her own new compounds elements and add them to this panel for his/her own use.


To create a new compound element, first create the configuration you want in the tree of elements, using the elements currently available and customizing them (editing their properties, if required). Then, copy this group, and right-click on the compound elements palette to paste it. Then, follow the instructions to provide it with a name and an 24×24 icon that will be displayed for the new compound element.


New compound elements can be deleted by right-clicking on them and selecting the “Delete” option that will appear.

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Page last modified on December 02, 2014, at 10:31 PM