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Buttons and decoration

  • Label. It is used to write a decorative or informative label.


  • Equation. This field is used to show and modify mathematical equations in TEX.


  • Button. A button-shaped element to invoke actions.


  • Two state button. It is similar to the previus element but it allow to show two different states that invoke different actions each other. It is usually used to Play/Pause actions. If the simulation is paused the button shows the action that allow you start it and if the simulation is working the button shows the action to paused it.


  • Check box. A selector with two possible states, true or false.


  • Radio button. A similar selector capable to work on a group when there are several radio buttons in the same container. To check one of them implies to uncheck the others.


  • Sound on. Radio button to play/stop the sound.



  • Web Cam. Element to show a video from a webcam.



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Page last modified on April 29, 2009, at 12:11 AM