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Basic 3D elements

  • 3D Particle. Add a new 3D ellipse, rectangle…This element only can be hold by a 3D drawing panel.



  • 3D Arrow. Draw a new interactive arrow for a 3D drawing panel.



  • 3D Image. Add a new image or a animated GIF image in a 3D drawing panel.


  • 3D Text. Include a 3D interactive text field. You can select the most appropriate text font.


  • Polygon. Trace a polygonal line through the vertex coordinates.


  • 3D Trail. The most simple way to print a function on a drawing panel.


  • Group. Define a 3D elements group.



  • 3D Analytic Curve. A curve in 3D given by analytic expressions or a whole parametric family of such curves.







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Page last modified on October 28, 2010, at 12:34 PM