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The output area of the EJS console


The EJS console has three main tabs: the Basic options tab, the Advanced options tab, and the Output area tab.


The Output area tab on the EJS console shows initial start-up messages, the command that invoked the EJS editing window, including the command options, and any output from that command. It will also tell if the programs ran successfully (if closing the editing window doesn’t cause EJS to exit.)


The Output area will also display output and error messages from the simulations created with EJS.


At the bottom of the Output area tab are three buttons:

  • Launch EJS: a second button to initiate a new EJS editing window.
  • Clear output: clears the Output area, which is useful to clean previous messages that may confuse.
  • Processes: shows a dialog window with a list of the instances of EJS that are currently running. These instances can be killed (in case they hanged, for instance) by double-clicking the corresponding entry in the list, or selecting it and clicking the “Kill” button of the dialog window. (Recall, however, that killing the last instance of EJS will also quit the EJS console.)


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Page last modified on April 29, 2009, at 12:11 AM