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Advanced options of the EJS console


The EJS console has three main tabs: the Basic options tab, the Advanced options tab, and the Output area tab.


The Advanced options tab on the EJS console allows the user to:

  • Choose an aletrnative Java VM (Virtual Machine) to use to run EJS. Click on the button to the right of this field to select one.
  • Add Java VM parameters (command line options for Java itself)
  • Specify arguments to EJS (command line options for EJS)


The three inputs take effect when you run the next instance of EJS.


At the bottom of the Advanced options tab, there are three buttons which allow you to:

  • Compile directory: A file chooser will open for you to select a folder/directory under “source” in your current workspace. The console will then offer you to compile all the simulations (XML files) under this directory. Optionally, you can also ask EJS to package each of the simulations thus created in a self-executable JAR file.
  • Package simulations: This button permits you to create a single package with several simulations (so called Launcher package) previously generated with EJS. This functionality is also accessible from within EJS package popup-menu.
  • Rebuild package: Allows you to re-create a previously created Launcher package in order to
    • recompile the simulations in the package,
    • update the libraries in the package,
    • add new simulations to the package.


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Page last modified on April 29, 2009, at 12:11 AM