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Conditions of use

Easy Java Simulations is the exclusive copyright of its author, Francisco Esquembre, who distributes it under a GNU GPL license.


EJS itself and its JAR library files can be copied and distributed without limit and without previous permission. In any case, the reference to the author and contributors that appears in the program must always be preserved.


Authors can distribute any simulation that they create using EJS, provided a reference to this fact is included, together with a link to the official Web page for EJS: It is not necessary to include this reference in all pages with a simulation on it of an educational unit. Including a reference for the whole set in a clearly visible place will suffice.


Any publication that results from the use of Easy Java Simulations must refer to the official Web server for EJS:


Examples of simulations in this server or in the EJS distribution package are copyright of their authors. We encourage authors that have created new examples with EJS to send us a short email with a link to their examples.


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Page last modified on April 29, 2009, at 12:11 AM