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This page provides links to a number of advanced topics. We mean aspects or possibilities of EJS authoring that are already there (i.e. they are not hidden), but most people do not know or use.





  • Import HTML pages created with your favorite editor
  • Built-in translation feature for Description pages



  • Real time variable (This is a new feature stating in some releases of EJS 4.3.7.)




  • ODE editor
    • Preliminary code
    • Adaptive step solvers
      • Reading the step size
      • Error handling code





  • Model Elements
    • Function and DIfferentiable Function
    • Statistics
    • Parallel computing
    • Hardware elements



  • Custom view elements
  • Video element (requires Xuggle)
  • 3D views:
    • Primitives, Groups, Rotations, and VRML objects
    • toSpaceFrame() and toBodyFrame()



Running Simulations



  • Using from Moodle
    • Embedding a simulation in a Moodle activity
    • Collaborative applets


  • Embedding data in simulation’s JAR files
    • Saving initial state
    • Adding and using PDF files


  • Password protection
    • Password for the simulation
    • Password for the source code

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