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According to the Code of Conduct of Spanish Universities, University Cooperation for Development is "the joint activity done by the university community and orientated towards social transformation in underdeveloped countries, in favor of peace, equity, human development and environmental sustainability around the world; a transformation in which institutional and academic strengthening has an important role."

This cooperation is considered in the widest sense:

  • Bilateral and multilateral cooperation between university institutions in order to share experiences and resources which will be applied in the development processes of each university.
  • Bilateral and multilateral cooperation between universities and other public and private agents in order to induce, encourage, and support development strategies.
  • Distribution of functions and responsibilities which are linked to every action of cooperation.
  • Principle of co-responsibility is considered essential to talk about real cooperation.

University Cooperation for Development of the University of Murcia (CUD-UM) is based on its specificity, strengths and identity characteristics:

  • training
  • research for and about development
  • strengthening of the institutions in development, and
  • increasing awareness

Formally, our framework of action is regulated by 3 key elements:

Therefore, the CUD-UM is considered a key element of the Vice-Chancellorship of Research and Internationalization through International Relations. Its main objectives are:

  • Encourage, coordinate and facilitate activities connected with education for development in the UM.
  • Promote research in the UM to boost sustainable human development in poorer countries.
  • Contribute with the UM to be a useful tool in cooperation for development.
  • Collaborate with other cooperation agents.
  • Collaborate directly to reinforce Higher Education in poorer countries. 

The activities developed by the PDI, PAS and students focus on projects of international cooperation (Interuniversity Cooperation Program –PCI– of the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation for Development –AECID–),  some private entities such as financial entities (CAJAMAR) or grants (especially those from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation –MAEC–).  All of this has boosted international cooperation activities for development within the Spanish universities between 2007 and 2011. Since 2012, the economic scene has slowed down these activities, although the cooperation spirit is still intact in the University of Murcia. In difficult times, we must keep working, searching out resources and maintaining projects and activities; seeking to recover the moment of greatest activity of cooperation for development.

Gaspar Ros Berruezo

Vice-chancellor of Research and Internationalization

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