"Web sites" con textos digitales

Los cuentos de Ika Bremer

Textos on-line en lenguas nórdicas: Sueco, noruego, danés,...

  • FUNET: E-texts at Finnish University and Research network, SF.

  • HOMO_LUDENS: Homo_Ludens at Faculty of Arts, at UVA, Universiteit van Amsterdam, NL.
  • HUMANUM (gopher): E-texts, HK.
  • HUSSERL: Husserl Database, Shizuoka University, J.
  • LJCOSTER: Laurens Janszoon Coster: Nederlandstalige klassieke literatuur in elektronische edities
  • LYSATOR: Electronic Texts, Sweden.

  • RUNEBERG: Project Runeberg at Linköping University, S.

  • SIMPLEX: Russian Literature, at Simplex, Uni-Münster, D.

  • TRINITY COLLEGE: Irish literature at Trinity College, University of Dublin, IRL.

  • VIRGINIA: Electronic Text Collections in Western European Literature

  • WAB: The Wittgenstein Archives at the University of Bergen, N.


    Our national Dutch library has a home page in English: Koninklijke Bibliotheek
    * and the Dutch have their own Laurens Jansz. Coster, whom they once believed to be the inventor of the printing press


    * You will find a long list of libraries all over the world at Library WWW Servers
    * The University of Idaho presents a comprehensive list of WWW pages on Rare Books and Special Collections in libraries all over the world
    * Bibliotheca universalis (sic) donnera accès aux oeuvres principales du patrimoine culturel et scientifique mondial par le biais des technologies multimédia afin de favoriser le dialogue culturel par delà les frontières et d'améliorer les services rendus aux utilisateurs finaux. So this should be a one stop shop, which is not yet quite true.
    * IPL The Internet Public Library is the better way of showing a library approach to information on the Internet. It has also a great reference desk for libraries and librarians and Services to Librarians and Information Professionals
    * The WorldWideWeb Virtual Library: Literature
    * Online BookStore (OBS) - Home Page OBS specializes in full-text online publishing, "making static publications into dynamic experiences".
    * Columbia University: Project Bartleby
    * Project Gutenberg Home Page
    * Early Modern Literary Studies: Home Page


    * Project Runeberg is the Scandinavian equivalent of Gutenberg (can be hard to reach at times),


    * Womens Studies Reading Room at the University of Maryland

    Para distribuir

    Cuadernos CERVANTES de Lengua Española




    Numancia: Rincon Literario (Javier Garcia)

    Nostalgia del canibal (para amantes de la poesia de todo el mundo)

    OTIS: On Line BOOKS Index (Textos completos)

    Centro de Recursos Para el Aprendizaje de Idiomas

    Foreign Languages for Travelers

    An ON-LINE English Grammar.

    Tú también puedes aprender francés.

    Gramática del Español.

    Dictionaries and Language References

    Hypertext Webster Interface (Famoso Diccionario)

    E-kiosk Revistas Literarias

    Proyecto Guttemberg

    Proyecto Bartleby (Universidad de Columbia)

    Fundación Camilo José Cela

    The Children's Literature Web Guide

    WINDOWS SHAREWARE ARCHIVE: Diccionarios y Traductores

    GLOBALINK - The Translation Company - Free Translations!

    The Human-Languages Page

    BookWire - Catalogos de libros, bibliotecas, bestsellers.

    Future Fantasy Bookstore

    Danish Literature

    Literatura HOLANDESA

    De Nederlandse Letteren has an index to Dutch authors in the various Web collections as well as links to general informatio

    Finnish Literature

    List of texts at various sites

    Medieval and Renaissance Texts

    Norwegian Literature

    Litteraturnettet, the Norwegian Writers Web, a service of Den norske Forfatterforening, has information about Norwegian literature and a list of Norwe

    Old Norse Literature

    Provençal and other Occitan Literature