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Other French full-text material:

The University of Chicago maintains American and French Research on the Treasury of the French Language, (ARTFL), an extremely large collectio

L'Association des bibliophiles Universels (ABU) is a good collection of public-domain French texts.

The Club des Poètes at FranceNet offers a beautiful anthology of French-language poetry ran

Switzerland's ATHENA is building its own electronic archive of French texts, as well as offering links to other sites.

The Université de Nantes' new Centre d'Édition de textes électroniques now offers an electronic edition and transcriptions of some of th

Marie-Line Boy maintains an impressive collection of ascii texts, especially but not limited to nineteenth- and twentieth-century French poetry.

Peter Edwards of Mount Allison University offers a fully-searchable full-text site featuring the poetry of Théodore de Banville.

Single-text sites:

ARTFL Project: Bibles includes the French translation by Louis Segond (1910).

DScriptorium's manuscript collection includes beautiful color images of folios from the Uitti's in-progress work on Chrétien de Troyes' Le Chevalier de la Charrette includes beautiful color images of Princeton's Garrett manuscript, microfilm-

The University of Illinois maintains a small electronic text archive, including Marie de France's Bisclavret.

A fully searchable html version of Jean Nicot's 1606 Thresor de la langue françoyse is available at ARTFL.

Charles Scherer has made available an ascii version of Boileau's Le Lutrin.

Sirakawa's html edition of Racine's Phèdre is at Orléans.

British Columbia's Selected Fables by Jean de La Fontaine will include modern illustrations.

Russon Wooldridge offers an indexed version of the Dictionnaire de l'Académie française (1694-1935), which is soon to be made fully

Erik Bruchez offers an html version of Nerval's Le Monstre vert.

Paris VIII makes available the complete works of Rimbaud.

Leïla Sebbar has put annotated versions of two of her short stories, Charles Scherer has put an ascii version of the Constitution of the Fifth Republic on the web.

L'autre miroir is a roman de jeunesse by Jacques Noël.

Jean-Michel Prima includes a "hypertext slang dictionary" with his on-line detective novel, Polaroïd.

Web publications: French magazines and newspapers on the WWW:

Libération offers a wide assortment of articles on a daily basis. The site also includes an archive of selected Libération front pages.

Le Monde diplomatique is a fully searchable monthly publication covering political, economic, and cultural developments in France.

The Tocqueville Connection is a weekly English-language magazine which bills itself as "The insider's Web source for French news and analyses." Its archives are ful

The Virtual Baguette is an humorous French-language magazine whose features include everything from an article about hunting the elusive escargot to a "sondage sur

Pierre Gagnon's Éditel includes paperless html texts, both prose and poetry, as well as links to other French-language sites.

Charlie Hebdo is an hebdomadaire which concerns itself with political issues, including a petition for the dissolution of the FN. Features many p

Items of related interest: cultural, historical, and social materials

Multiple-purpose Sites
Historical Documents
Geography, Government & Tourism
Booksellers & Reference Materials
Miscellany: Usenet, Computing in France, &c.

Multiple-purpose Sites

Bibliothèque nationale de France has created a site which features 1000 illuminations from their manuscript de

Le Coin des francophones et autres grenouilles offers a range of resources for French speakers: a sondage on recent strikes and a collection of French jokes as well as

La Toile du Québec is a comprehensive site offering documentation and links which cover almost every aspect of québécois life, touching on government, educati

The Global Village has added a Quartier français, complete with schools, libraries, museums, an office of tourism, a kiosk, and its very own café

The Ministère de la Culture et de la francophonie offers many exibitions, as well as access to images of the paleolithic paintings discovered at Appalachian State offers maps of Francophone countries, Paintings by French artists, French recipies, and links to many other French-language site


The Library of Congress is currently exhibiting
Treasures from the Bibliothèque nationale de France. This large collection of images (paintings, coin

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is exhibiting Cézanne through 1 September; their web site includes highlights of the exhibition as well as a schedule of relat

The WebLouvre features many of the Louvre's most famous works of art. Virginia users should click here for the WebLouvre.

All 230 feet of the Bayeux Tapestry are viewable at BSU. Close-ups of choice portions are separately available, including La Joconde is an extremely large database of French painting, sculptures, and other artworks. The search engine is extremely flexible, allowing one to cons

Sur les traces d'Hector Guimard. The architecture of the 16ième can be seen on this wal

Historical Documents

Of the many sites dedicated to Napoleon, the most interesting are
Napoleonic Literature, which includes a small library of texts (including Napoleon's will) and a num

The Association pour la diffusion de l'information historique et archéologique en France has now made available their Arisitum Web page, which features a variety o

The archives of the internationale situationniste, a group of avant-garde politicos based in France in the 50s and 60s, are fully searchable.

The French Page at the University of Pennsylvania currently features an exposition on the Capetiens and the Crusades.

The Réseau Scolaire Canadien offers its Archives historiques canadiennes including hundreds of images, searchable by title, which trace Canadian history f

Larry Roux' French and Indian War homepage offers French soldier lists and biographies, interesting statistics, war documents, and a list of related enactments and other even

Geography, Government & Tourism

The CNRS offers a beautiful interactive
map of France, with geographically-organized links to French web sites.

PARIS is an amazing (and color-intensive) tour of Paris, offering images and information about Paris monuments and museums, cafés, shopping, expositions, and

AdmiNet: Le réseau de l'administration française is a fully indexed collection of html documents and links which cover many aspects of French administ

Web Québec offers information on tourist sites and places to dine, sleep, and entertain in Québec and the surrounding region, as well as inform

The Civilized Explorer provides all the information you need to be a contented tourist in the French West Indies (St. Barth, Guadeloupe, Martinique).

Booksellers & Reference Materials

SMU provides a well-commented page of links to Francophone libraries worldwide.

Gallimard Montréal offers a selection of new releases in its on-line catalogue.

The "Web Librairie" français is a French bookseller which offers a number of titles: soon to be expanded to 150,000 books. They now also offer CD

La Cité des livres is an American bookseller which specializes in French-language materials. Their site offers a well-organized catlogue of everyt

The Universal Survey of Languages includes entries for French and Louisiana French

Pud's Reference Desk offers translation dictionaries among its many resources.

Miscellany: Usenet, Computing in France, &c

nomade is a very good search engine for French resources on the web. Each entry is accompanied by a brief description.

Locace is a search engine which searches only French-language sites. Caution: misses many sites that include English on their pages; for more comprehensive web searches, use a br

Usenet's culture.french Frequently Asked Question listings are indexed monthly.

These sites provide links to other web pages of interest to French speakers, French scholars, and other francophiles:

The French Connection is Australian National University's extremely well-organized set of links designed for students of French.

Now dubbed Répertoire des espaces cybernétiques francophones, this page, maintained by Jean-Hugues Roy, is an excellent jumping-off point

Cocorico is a very good directory of French sites on the web, including not only scholarly resources but also French advertisements.

The new, updated version of the Human-Languages Page is now available. The Phillip "Pib" Burns offers a rather nice set of links to France and things French.

ClicNet is aimed primarily at students and teachers of French.

The Webfoot's Guide to France provides access to information about transportation, food, and lodging as well as to literary and cultural sites.

Tennessee Bob's Famous French Links provide access to French language and French business resources as well as to art exhibits, radio and television resou

George Crafts of the University of Virginia's Alderman Library maintains a list of French Studies Resources for students and teachers of French.

Purdue's French Index provides links to servers in various regions and cities in France.

Joe Chevalier's home page is aimed at teachers and students of French.

Northwestern University offers a page dubbed The French World on the Web.

The Language Resource Center at Dartmouth College maintains a French page.

French and French-Canadian Universities on the Web:

l'École Normale Supérieure -- the most information available is still in the sciences, but they do include their Antiquities department and laboratory as well as a link to

L'Université Laval offers a web front-end for their gopher server, which offers course descriptions and faculty phonebooks.

Université LUMIERE LYON 2 includes a searchable catalogue of all theses defended at Lyon2 since 1963

l'université de Moncton maintains a comprehensive Web site complete with maps, admission information, course descriptions, and statistics.

l'Université d'Orléans includes campus maps, access to the university library, and access to the various schools at Orléans (alas, the humanities are not y

Course offerings in French language and literature at North American universities:

University of California Irvine Fall 95 course list -- html.

UC Santa Barbara's French and Italian home page includes undergraduate and graduate course offerings for winter of 1996 as well as their graduate brochu

UCLA French Dept Grad Courses -- ascii.

University of Missouri St. Louis 1995 course descriptions -- html.

Northeastern State University undergraduate curriculum -- html.

Notre Dame's department of Romance languages -- html.

Queen's University at Kingston: Seminar listings and brochures for students in 1er cycle and Études superieures, as well as so

Santa Clara University's winter 1995 course list. -- html.

Stanford Overseas Studies: courses offered at the Paris Center. -- html.

Sweet Briar College: 1995-96 catalogue for the French Section of the Modern Languages and Literatures Department -- html.

The University of Victoria: a course catalogue for undergraduate students of French -- html.

The University of Virginia: Graduate and Undergraduate course lists and brochures -- html.

VCU Foreign Languages Course Page: French courses offered in the Spring of 1996. -- html.

Wesleyan University: Romance language course list and descriptions -- html.

William and Mary: Requirements and course list -- html.

This page is maintained by Jamie L. Spriggs .

Proyecto Athena. Libros en francés

Proyecto Athena. Libros en francés, alemán, latín e inglés. Obras fundamentales.

Proyecto Gutemberg

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  • ARTFL: ARTFL Project (American and French Research on the Treasury of the French Language), Chicago, USA.
  • ARTFL: L'Encyclopédie de Diderot à ARTFL Project (American and French Research on the Treasury of the French Language), Chicago, USA.
  • ARTFL: Pamphlets révolutionnaires français, Chicago, USA.
  • ASSEMBLEE NATIONALE: Pages choisies d'éloquence parlementaire, F.
  • AUTRE FRONTIERE: Textes d'auteurs, au Québec, CDN.
  • BNF: La Bibliothèque Nationale de France.
  • BPU: Exposition Rousseau à la Bibliothèque publique et universitaire de Genève, CH
  • BPU: Institut et musée Voltaire, Genève, CH.
  • BRUCHEZ: Littérature à l'Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, CH.
  • CICV: Atelier d'Ecriture Hypertexte, F.
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  • MILLOT: Textes en français, à LookUp, F.
  • MONTREAL (gopher): Littérature française, Montréal, Québec, CDN.
  • MONTREAL: Département d'études françaises, de l'Université de Montréal, Québec, CDN.
  • OTA (ftp): Oxford, French texts archive, UK.
  • PLUMES: Les belles plumes branchées du Québec, CDN.
  • PRINCETON: Introduction à la littérature française, Princeton University, NJ, USA..
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