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Welcome to the web site for the Learning and Teaching of Children’s Literature in Europe!

What is LTCL?

This is a two-year investigation that aims to gather, analyze and disseminate information about the current role of children’s literature in schools and in children’s lives in Europe, focusing on the 8-11 age group. The partners in the project are the universities of the West of England (UK), Murcia (Spain), Gazi (Turkey) and Akureyri (Iceland). We will be comparing reading habits, learning and teaching methods, and the cultural place of reading in the four participating countries.

In the summer of 2010 we conducted a large-scale survey with pupils and teachers in the four partner countries. Subsequently we established focus groups for detailed follow-up discussion of the issues raised.

The data from the survey was analysed, and combined with the data from the focus groups forms the basis of our Project Report, published in October 2011, which summarizes the findings of the project, putting it in the context of wider research and making recommendations and observations about the teaching of children’s literature in schools as well as children’s wider relationships with literature and reading. Both the Project Report and the raw, anonymized data from the project are downloadable from this site.

We have also produced a number of Continuing Professional Development packs, for use by teachers. These were introduced at a series of mini-conferences held in the four partner countries in September 2011, and are available for download from this site.

Funding for this project comes through the Comenius Sub-Programme of the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme, and from the universities involved.

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