Heraclitus states somewhere: “Everything changes and nothing remains still” and, comparing the beings with the stream of a river, he adds: “you cannot step twice into the same stream” (Plato, Cratylus 402a)


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Frequency: Annual.

Call for Papers 2018 is open

The Panta Rei journal is in motion again and completely renewed, but also, with the very same essentials as the ones which saw it coming to life for the first time in 1993. We are stepping now into a different stream, wider and more ambitious, waiting for the greatest possible number of public to arrive.

With this purpose, we share our project with you. From this moment on, the call for the reception of papers subject to be published in the fourth volume of the new era of PANTA REI journal (2018) is open. The mentioned reception will take place within the period between the date of publication of the present call until January the 31st of 2018. Papers received subsequent to the date established will be subject to be published in the next volume.

The sending formula, as the requirements and conditions that papers must meet, are gathered in the section “Publication rules” on this website.


Murcia, March 4th 2017

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