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VII Inter-University Workshop on Mind, Art and Morality. Themes on Malcolm Budd


Datos del evento
Organismo:Universidad de Murcia
Unidad:Facujltad de Filosofía

VII Inter-University Workshop on Mind, Art and Morality

University of Murcia (Spain) October 2-4, 2013.

Invited Speaker: MALCOLM BUDD  (formerly Grote Professor of Philosophy of Mind and Logic at University College London)

Malcolm Budd is the author of Aesthetic Essays (Oxford U. P., 2008), The Aesthetic Appreciation of Nature: Essays on the Aesthetic of Nature (Oxford U. P., 2002) Values of Art(Harvard U. P., 2003), Music and the Emotions (1985), and many papers on the philosophy of mind and aesthetics.

The Interuniversity Workshop on Mind, Art and Morality promotes the relation between different areas in philosophy; more specifically, the Workshop aims at exploring issues lying at the intersection of ethics, aesthetics and the philosophy of mind. In former editions, the Workshop has been devoted either to the work of specific philosophers, such as, Richard Wollheim, Jonathan Dancy, Christine Korsgaard, Shaun Nichols and David Finkelstein, or to broad subjects, such as the Philosophy of Music (with the presence of Peter Kivy, Noël Carroll or Derek Matravers). In this occasion, the Workshop will focus on the philosophical work of Malcolm Budd.

We invite philosophers and other scholars interested in discussing topics related to the work of Malcolm Budd to join the Workshop. Contributions focused on Malcolm Budd's own work are especially encouraged, but papers on any aspect of environmental aesthetics, music and emotion, values of art, aesthetic judgements, or Wittgenstein’s philosophy of Psychology are also welcome. Papers should be about 15 pages long (5000 words). They will be presented in 40 minutes maximum, to allow for a 20 minutes discussion period. Extended abstracts, of about 2000 words, will also be accepted for review. Notification of intent to submit including title (even tentative) and subject matter will be greatly appreciated

Fecha inicio:02-10-2013
Fecha fin:04-10-2013
Lugar:Centro Cultural Las Claras. Santa Clara, 1 30008 MURCIA
Solicitud o inscripción
Inicio del plazo:21-06-2012
Fin del plazo:02-10-2013
Datos de contacto
Persona:Prof. María José Alcaraz León
Dirección: Departamento de Filosofía Universidad de Murcia 30100 (España)
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